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Make your living space smart!

Smart Living is the Way Forward

MAK Automation and Solutions provides smart home solutions. With the power of IoT (Internet of things), we design and implement solutions that make your life easy. You can control your entire home with your fingertips. Imagine having that kind of access to your home? This is the era we are stepping in. Not only your homes, but we also automate hotels, hospitals, and commercial complexes.

Smart living has many benefits – it provides safety, convenience, security, and also it is environment friendly. At MAK Automations and Solutions, we provide a whole suite of services such as automated electric systems, smart scheduling, smart surveillance, smart locks, and videophones. We use innovative, sophisticated, and responsive technology to make sure you get a modern and chic lifestyle.

Smart Home Automation Chennai

Your New-Age Home

Control Your Surroundings

Turn on the AC, switch off your fan, open the door, or change the lighting of your home with just a tap on your smartphone. Make your home more secure with the help of a fingerprint scan, pin code, RFID tags, etc.

Schedule Everything

Now don’t worry about leaving the geyser on! Schedule everything from AC, geyser, to any other home appliance. You can customize the schedules as per your daily lifestyle.

One-Touch Control

You don’t have to go running anywhere. A single device can help you access everything in your house.

Assured Quality

Quality is our topmost priority as we handpick our products from recognized brands that use the best automation tools.


We use wireless systems so there will be no need to change the internal wiring of the house. The complete installation process is smooth.

Customized Service

We customize everything according to the requirement of our clients. You can choose the solutions that complement your home the best.


We provide lifetime automation support for our solutions. We understand the needs of our customers and are committed to assisting in everything.

Home Automation Company in Chennai - Our Process


We have a variety of themes and designs to select from. We can customize the design also as per your needs.


We ensure a quick and easy installation so that you can enjoy our services from the very first day.


We use technology to integrate your home automation solutions with a single device for easy use.


We do timely follow-ups to keep your automation systems up to date and running for a rich experience.

Smart solutions designed for smart living

We integrate home automation solutions on a single device with our power backed technology systems. With a touch, you can change the tone of your lights according to your mood; control your home appliances; monitor your surroundings. You can keep your home secure by keeping a watch who’s coming into the house with the help of the cameras. We are constantly adapting to new technologies to make our lives better. A smart living will give you a modern and contemporary experience that you will never forget.

Automation Company in Chennai Tamil Nadu
One-touch smart home solution

Control your home with your phone

Yes, that’s right. We know every one of us to have jobs or businesses to attend to. We get busy and sometimes forget about ensuring that our home is safe and secure. With smart living, you can control everything with your phone. You can create schedules according to your convenience. For example – you can set the camera on record for 15 seconds, whenever the door is open. If you are not at home and you are worried about your loved ones, you can check up on them using live video.

Smart Home Automation Benefits

Convenience and Comfort

Smart home automation Chennai solutions give you easy access to everything in your house. We install elegant touch panels, responsive sensors, remotes, tablets, smartphones, etc. so that you can have the power in your hands to manage your house with ease.

Healthy Living

A peaceful mind automatically promotes healthy living. You can control your house from wherever you are. You can change the temperature of your house; if you forget locking your house while stepping out, you can always do it from your smartphone.


Set a personalized schedule for everything. For example – you can set a schedule for your AC so that you don’t have to wake up in the night to switch it off. Use our smart resources to manage the consumption requirements of your household.

Peace of Mind

You can be stress-free and manage your house easily. For example – if you are working and have to leave the kids at home, you can keep an eye on them with our monitoring devices. In this way, you will be close to your loved ones even when you are not at home.

Safety and Security

We install best-in-class safety and security systems as part of our home automation solutions to protect your house. Our surveillance tools can help you detect unwanted activity, raise an alarm, or create a safety zone when required.

Energy Savings

We always use products that consume less energy and are the most efficient. For example- we use LED selection as it needs less power and it sufficiently lights up space. In this way, you are also contributing to the environment.

Tablet & Mobile Phones

Now your mobile or tablet is the new weapon that you can use to easily manage your home. We make sure that the interface is user friendly so that you don’t face any difficulty. Once you get used to it, you will not go back to the ordinary.

One-touch Control

You can give as many commands at your fingertips. Take a break from your hustle and enjoy a relaxing day with our one-touch control panel. This is the modern way of living which will leave you spellbound.