Home Security System

The Security Automation For Your Home.

Theft Protection

Whenever a trespasser breaks into your home, you will be aware of it.

Fire Protection

Detect the fire and its sign such as smoke, increase in the temperature.

Secure Your Home With Wireless System

Introducing smart home features into your life and taking you to the future of smart living, MAKc Automation and Solutions offers a safe and secure home with wireless technology. Not only protecting you from theft or intruder but also protect you from fire and water leakage issues. We provide the total security system for your home and residential area like apartments with smart home techniques to keep you safe and secure. We introduce a smart protection layer of your home or residential property that take your home security to the next level for detecting threats and resist them actively.

For us, your safety is foremost and we do not compromise in it. Thus, we, at MAKc Automation and Solutions, have tied up only with renowned brands having quality products and high accuracy. As well as, we take care of your convenience, thus we turn the smart home security system into easy to use and manage system with wireless technique. Along with this, we provide you with a smart, reliable and fast solution for your safety.

Our Security Systems


Motion, door opening and glass breaking detector, smoke, temperature and leakage detector


High volume, dust and moisture resistant sirens. Indoor sirens, street or outdoor sirens.

CCTV Cameras

High quality surveillance by CCTV cameras to monitor your home in full HD Video.

Control Panel

Complete monitoring and easy accessible wireless control panel and mobile app for home security.

Protection from Intruder

To protect your home from intruders or trespassers, we use renowned brand detectors that identify the threat and alert you about it within a second with sirens and switching on the light automatically. We protect your home with both indoor and outdoor security systems.

Indoor Security

Motion Detectors, Window or Door Opening Detectors, and Window or Door Break Detectors

Outdoor Security

Motion Detectors adjacent to your territory to identify the intruder reach, Alarm and Lights.

Protect Against Sign of Fire

To protect you against the fire, we use a highly sensitive and smart sensor that can detect fire or the signs of fire such as smoke, increasing carbon dioxide (on gas leakage), and rapid increment in temperature. And, if sensors recognize any of them, they alert you with lightning-fast speed through sirens.

The used sensors are smart enough to identify the level of smoke or temperature and send the command to alarm on more than normal level.

As of the smart and real-time feature, you can perform a mock drill to check the sensors and sirens by just using the control panel.

Smart Home Security Solution

Schedule the night mode to switch on the sensors and detectors at night and switch off them in day to protect your family from any issue at sleep time.

Detect the trespasser or theft is wandering around your property. And, if an intruder found then automatically turn on the siren and outdoor lights. Also, send a notification on your mobile.

If you are away from home and enjoying your vacations then be clam and let your security system protect your home by active theft protection and scheduled light and other appliances on-off.

Advanced fire protection system protects you from fire or sign of fire by an alert siren. And, if the cause of the fire is electricity then detectors automatically perform the power cut.


Security System Clients

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