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Smart LED Lighting Company for Better Health

Do you know, LED Brightness, color, number of LEDs and placement, really affect you and your family health?

Yes! This is the fact from which many of us are still unaware. LED specifications directly impact our health. Thus, it is really necessary to make the right decision while selecting the lights for your home.

So, are you looking for Experts for your LED Solution?

At MAKc Automation & Solutions, we are committed to offering you end to end smart home automation and LED solution with high-end technology. Our experts have a vast knowledge of LED selection and placement that protect you and your family from affects from home lights. With that, we help you in every single step from the solution consultancy to the final installation. We believe, the second thing you love is your home after your family. Hence with this belief, our team makes sure to provide you a Smart Home with Smart Living.

Not only we take care of your family but also manage your budget and introduce to the huge saving options. Because money-making is not an easy process and your earning matters to you a lot. For us, what matters to you matters to us. So, we plan for an LED solution for your home that helps you to save the purchasing budget as well as the electricity bill with approx. 55% of the amount that you are spending nowadays.

So Experience the Smart Living!


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MAKc AUTOMATION & SOLUTIONS is the right place to making the switch to LED lighting. Our experts offer you consultancy and complete LED Support with the best, effective and efficient, customized and environment friendly solution.

LED Lighting

Wide Range of Lighting Solution

At MAKc AUTOMATION & SOLUTIONS, we offer you a wide range of LED lights. With cutting edge technology and innovation, we provide quality products with international standards in term of safety, energy saving & longevity for your home. 

- Shift to Efficient Lighting

Devintec Technologies is committed from the core to offer never-before alternatives in the arena of LED lighting, in the domestic as well as commercial scenarios, with the quality and cost at par with international standards.

Case Studies: Energy Saving

Your revised electricity charges for the above lighting will be approx. ₹ 5,03,295 pm

Save ₹ 5,56,279 per month by converting to LED by MAK

Electricity Saving LED Case Study

Your revised electricity charges for the above lighting will be approx. ₹ 98,310 pm

Save ₹ 1,42,994 per month by converting to LED by MAK

Electricity Saving LED Case Study

LED Product List


Thing We Consider for LED Selection

Forget what you know about incandescent lights, your watts are no good here

  • It’s Brightness, within defined BIS standard
  • It’s 100 Lumens per Watt
  • 60W incandescent is same as 12W LED
  • Condition of brightness is 100 Lumens per watt
  • Incandescent has a warm, yellowish hue
  • LED has cool white, warm white and natural white color
  • LED is  also available in other colors based on application

LED are like hybrid cars: cheaper operating cost offsets initial one-time investment

  • LED is extremely cost effective in the long run
  • 5 times longer life, less heat production, green energy
  • Use Aluminum housing
  • Avoid PVC or plastic housing
  • Aluminum is best conductor of heat
  • Aluminum is environment friendly
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