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Smart Automation, Smart Home, Smart Living!

MAKc Automation and Solutions is an automation and solution provider developing smart homes across India. We design, build and implement IoT (Internet) based solution to make your lifestyle as easy that you can control your entire home with a touch only. Our team put effort and time for controls and automation solutions in Homes, Hotels, Hospitals and Commercial complexes. Along with that, we work to offer you access and control of your entire home or project at your fingertips.

With MAKc Automation and Solutions, you reward your lifestyle with Safety and Security, Smart and Convenience feature, Savings and the experience of smart living. We serve you into home automation with an enormous range of services that includes control on Home Electricals, Smart Scheduling, Smart Surveillance, Smart Locks and Videophones. You get all these at one stop where we adopt Innovation, Intuitive and Eco-friendly technology to make you and your family live better.

Your Future Home

1. Control Your Environment

Get control of your Lights, Fans & other Appliances. Monitor what’s happening in and around your house in real-time. Unlock the door with fingerprint, pin code, RFID tags & keys and many more.

2. Smart Scheduling

Schedule to turn on and off your AC or Geyser or other appliances according to your convenience with more intelligent solutions that fit your lifestyle.

3. Convenience At Your Fingertips

We provide smart automation solutions that understand and take care of you and your family, like your very own personal butler with Innovative, Intuitive and Eco-Friendly technology.

Quality Products

We pick products from the recognized brands only because the quality is what matters to us.


Your and your family safety is foremost for us. We take care of your belongings with safe and smart technology.


A smart home is also a secure home. We offer smart controls like surveillance, door locks, videophones, etc.

Effective Support

With convenience and easy home solution, we serve you with lifetime automation support.

Our Smart Home Automation Solution


First step of our service comes up with the consultancy about your needs for automation. We share the best practices and ideas for better solution.


Being on-time and hassle-free solutions is our expertise so that you can enjoy the services from the day of installation with us.


We deliver power and performance on one system configuration with easy access and control that are easy for you and your family to enjoy.


We keep your automation system maintained & up-to-date with time to time follow-ups. Also, we support with on-demand repair of the solution.

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Energy Saving
Home Automation Planning

Smart solutions for a smart home

From homes small to large, new or old, we deliver power and performance on one system that coordinates the technology in your house into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. With one touch, dim the lights, lock the doors and arm the security system. It’s a smarter living experience that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Control home from your phone

  • Remotely adjust your lights and create a lighting schedule.
  • Set up rules for smart devices, like having your cameras record 15-second clips when a door is opened.
  • View live video of your home remotely and snap pictures or record brief video clips

Benefits With Smart Home Automation


Smart Home Automation Solution that makes easy to control the Smart Home from disclosure to ignite, Security and many more. You can use elegant keypads or touch panels, Remotes, Smart Phones or Tablets, Sensor based operations etc.


MAK Automation and Solutions will help you to protect your home by the preferred surveillance and the best in security for your integrated home. The security measures include the system which will help to detect, an intrusion alarm, and create an attentive zone for the safety and security of home.


By sitting in one place, you can control the temperature, pure air, and water, usage of devices that are eco-friendly, good for security and will provide peace to your mind which leads to healthy living.


MAK Automation and Solutions offer you good services at low cost. The basic need is management, security and consumption. We only use products that are certified and good in low consumption of energy. Such as, or LED selection for your home.


If you are having control over something then you will be in peace so in this case if you are going somewhere you don’t have to worry that you forgot to switch off the appliances rather you can switch it off by using your phone and this is secure also.


You can use the phone or tablet to access it. You can enjoy without taking trouble that you forgot to switch off the AC or something. Turn your Android and iOS smartphones, tablets into the ultimate remote for your Home Automation Control system.


You are just one touch away to feel free i.e. what you have to do is just ONE- TOUCH on your screen for smart home control. Enjoy an amusement option and make your day better by using your resources in a better way to intensify your experience.


With Smart Automation you can schedule the time of switching on/off any appliances according to your convenience. Such as, switching On the Geyser before get up, so that you can enjoy your bath.


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