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led lights for home

And Control with Phone, Alexa and Google Home

    More than 1000+ Home is using Our Smart Lighting


    MAKc Automation’s – Smart LED lights for Home and innovative lighting solutions. Our commitment to providing exceptional lighting goes beyond mere illumination; it’s about crafting the perfect ambiance and enhancing your home environment. Explore how our LED Lights for Home can transform your living spaces.

    Our LED Solutions

    Solution Consultant

    Let our Solution Consultants help you choose the perfect lighting for your unique home. We'll customize a solution that fits your style and needs.

    Energy Optimization

    Our LED lights save energy and provide optimal brightness with our Home Smart Light.

    Support (24*7)

    Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any lighting needs you may have. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

    LED Selection

    We select only the best quality LED lights. Our experts consider factors like color temperature and brightness levels to offer the perfect lighting solutions for your home. Trust us to find the right shade and intensity.

    Installation and Services

    Our company provides precision installation of Home Smart Light, done by skilled technicians for a hassle-free experience. We offer comprehensive services for maintenance and upgrades to ensure long-lasting and worry-free lighting solutions.

    Energy Survey

    Reduce energy waste and boost efficiency by taking our Energy Survey. We'll examine your lighting needs and provide personalized recommendations to save on energy bills while keeping your surroundings well-lit.


    Smart LED Lighting Company for Better Health

    Do you know, LED Brightness, color, number of LEDs and placement, really affect you and your family health?

    Yes! This is the fact from which many of us are still unaware. LED specifications directly impact our health. Thus, it is really necessary to make the right decision while selecting the lights for your home.

    So, are you looking for Experts for your LED Lights for Home Solution?

    MAKc Automation & Solutions delivers smart home automation and LED lighting solutions with top technology. Our experts ensure safe LED selection and placement, guiding you from consultation to installation.

    We offer Smart Home solutions to create a better living experience for you and your family. Our Home Smart Light solutions can help you save up to 55% on costs while prioritizing your safety and budget. Our goal is to make your home a comfortable and affordable sanctuary.

    Why Our Smart LED Light for Home?

    Choosing the right lighting solution is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. At MAKc Automation & Solutions, we understand the significance of your choice and strive to provide you with compelling reasons to choose our LED Light for Home.

     Our Smart LED Light for Home is engineered for energy efficiency. By opting for our smart lighting solutions, you're making a conscious choice to reduce your energy consumption by a remarkable 35%. Not only do you save on electricity bills, but you also contribute to a greener and more sustainable planet.

    Smart choices should also be cost-effective. With our Smart LED Light for Home, you can enjoy superior lighting quality while cutting your lighting costs by up to 30%. Imagine the extra savings you can redirect to other important aspects of your life.

    Quality is our priority, and we stand firmly behind the excellence of our products. We offer a generous 3-year warranty on our Smart LED Light for Home. This warranty reflects our commitment to providing reliable, long-lasting, high-performance lighting solutions.

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    Thing We Consider for LED Selection

    General Questions

    Forget what you know about incandescent lights, your watts are no good here

    • It’s Brightness, within defined BIS standard
    • It’s 100 Lumens per Watt
    • 60W incandescent is same as 12W LED
    • Condition of brightness is 100 Lumens per watt
    • Incandescent has a warm, yellowish hue
    • LED has cool white, warm white and natural white color
    • LED is  also available in other colors based on application

    LED are like hybrid cars: cheaper operating cost offsets initial one-time investment

    • LED is extremely cost effective in the long run
    • 5 times longer life, less heat production, green energy
    • Use Aluminum housing
    • Avoid PVC or plastic housing
    • Aluminum is best conductor of heat
    • Aluminum is environment friendly

    Enjoy One-Touch Control of Everyday Life

    led lights for home

    Here are just a few of the many ways you can use Smart Home can help you on a daily basis

    Simplify all your daily routine tasks with just one click

    Remain stress free, monitor your devices anywhere, anytime

    Your Security is our Priority, get real-time updates

    Automate everyday events to save time and energy

    Access anywhere, anytime, turn on your devices before you reach home


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